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$16,986 Profit!

Juan used REU’s direct mail campaign to make a $16,986 profit!

Juan C.

-Willis, TX

Sent out a direct mail campaign in Conroe, TX. Received a call from a lady wanting a little above what I would be comfortable paying for a house, sight-unseen. As such, I was able to negotiate her down to $22,000. I told her I would meet with her face-to-face and we could walk the property. After walking the property with her, her husband and her sister she asked me if I wanted to "back out" of the contract. I told her no, but that we needed to come down a little more on price. So, we all agreed that $20,000 cash would be the agreed upon price. After giving them a few days to move out, I put signs around the area asking people to "Please buy my house." The response was so high that I had to take the signs down in less than 24 hours. I ended up selling the house, AS IS (only took out the trash left behind:$500), to an owner occupant for $39,000. 813 Silverdale, Conroe, TX 77301. After closing costs, I netted $16,985.77 minus the $500 trash bill.