Podcast Episode 23: The Biggest Secret To Doing Real Estate Deals In 2019

In this podcast episode, John Cochran and Jeff Watson break down in detail the biggest secrets to doing Real Estate deals in the 2019 market. This is a MUST LISTEN to about twice to capture all the nuggets to do deals in 2019!

Podcast Episode 22: How A Real Estate Investor SHOULD Talk To A Motivated Seller

In this episode John and Jeff go deep into how all Real Estate Investors should be talking to a seller who is or should be motivated. Holy smokes do investors have this wrong and it’s costing them big time with getting deals under contract. This is going to be a huge eye opener for those that have or are getting ready to talk to a seller about buying their property. This simple tweak will help you out a ton and get you more deals under contract

Podcast Episode 21: What YOU Should Offer On a Wholesale Deal

We just uploaded a podcast that will help all wholesalers in America… In this episode, John Cochran and Jeff Watson will discuss the formula you should be using when you make an offer on a wholesale deal. This is a very simple formula that doesn’t need any brain damage or calculations of repairs to come up with your initial offer price. The beautiful thing about this episode and the formula is that it works 100% of the time. Take a listen as it’s a goldmine for anyone in Real Estate or thinking about becoming a Real Estate Investor

Podcast Episode 20: Making Mid Year Adjustments To Dominate The 2018 Real Estate Market

With too many business owners just simply winging it and not having a method to their madness we wanted to teach a system that EVERYONE should be doing to simply dominate a Real Estate market. As the year turns so should your systems and in this episode John and Jeff are going to dive deep into what systems you should be changing as the year progresses to the last day of December so you can strategically plan to always be in great deals at the right time of the year.

Podcast Episode 19: 5 Tips & Tricks To NOT Pay The Max In Tax

This is the episode that you want to listen to about 5 times unless you like giving money away to the IRS!!! In this session John and Jeff go deep into what you can do RIGHT NOW to reduce your 2017 tax bill and how to get the most out a year that’s already passed. Take detailed notes and listen to this episode as it will put EXTRA money in your pocket immediately.

Podcast Episode 18: How To Keep Score As A Real Estate Investor

In this podcast episode John and Jeff absolutely pull back the curtain on how to win really big as a Real Estate Investor with keeping score. Listening to this podcast will teach you how to make strategic moves inside of your business all based upon the 6 pieces of data that you need to start tracking.

Podcast Episode 17: Taking advantage [Legally] Of The 2017 Tax Reform

In episode 17, Attorney Jeff Watson shares how he went from being strictly an attorney to owning his first multiple family property and being a landlord. Jeff cautions listeners on what mistakes NOT to make in THIS shifting Real Estate market so that you can master the necessary systems that will afford you the ability to scale your business, despite the possibility of the inevitable crash. This podcast divulges the what, why, how and MAJOR “Do’s and Don’ts” of why you should be a Real Estate investor so you too can experience the powerful wealth building that will lead you to financial freedom.

Podcast Episode 16: 2017 Tax Reform Act

The 2017 Tax reform is a pure gift for Real Estate Investors if you truly know the in’s and out’s of the bill. In this episode Jeff Watson will take you deep into the 2017 Tax Reform bill and how you can get the most out of it!

Podcast Episode 15: Getting Certified And Adding A ZERO To Your Wholesaling Business

In episode #15 John & Jeff dive deep into The 2018 Legal Wholesaling Certification Workshop in Las Vegas on April 13-15. They go deep into what the workshop is, who it’s for, who it’s NOT for and how important this wholesaling workshop is to scaling your business the legal way! This is your questions answered for the upcoming legal wholesaling workshop. BE THERE!!

Podcast Episode 14: How To Overcome The Deck Being Stacked Against You As A Real Estate Investor

Not many will tell you the truth about being a Real Estate Investor but on Episode #14 of The Real Estate Investing playbook points out the facts about why the deck is stacked against ALL Real Estate Investors and why the majority never do a deal. This episode will teach you how to stack the deck in your favor and how to only focus on 3 things to overcome the odds and become a powerhouse Real Estate Investor

Podcast Episode 13: Why Reverse Wholesaling & Co-Wholesaling Is Illegal For Real Estate Wholesalers

Wholesaling is one of the best strategies for Real Estate Investors at all different levels but you have to do this business the right and legal way. In today’s episode we’re going to break down 2 different wholesaling methods that are down right dangerous and illegal for an investor to do. Do this business the right and legal way and you won’t have that pit into your stomach about wholesaling…Oh and you’ll make A TON more money.

Podcast Episode 12: Compliance vs. Loopholes

In this episode John & Jeff break down the mindset of a typically Real Estate Investor and how their always looking for the next loophole to make more money as an Investor. The truth is that you don’t make any money using “Loopholes”. All the profits are made by you becoming compliant and by running your Real Estate wholesaling business the way the legal and complete way.

Podcast Episode 11: 9 Steps To Sell Any House In 7 Days Or Less

This episode is pure gold to you… In this podcast John & Jeff walk you through the 9 steps to selling any house in just 7 days or less. These are systems that will work on any house, in any location, and get you multiple offers on your deals. This is the entire selling system to sell your properties at top dollar in 7 days or less!

Podcast Episode 10: Jeff Watson Insider: Inside The Masters Brain

On today’s episode John Cochran interviews Jeff Watson and asks some VERY detailed questions pertaining to Jeff’s ideas and goals behind Wholesale Reformation. This is the untold story behind Jeff Watson and the journey to Wholesale Reformation.

Podcast Episode 9: The Perfect Formula To Price Wholesale Deals

In this episode John Cochran and Jeff Watson will break down in detail how to properly price your wholesale deals so you get top dollar and you never give your deals away leaving money on the table for you. This wholesale selling formula is designed to put the max profit in your pocket and keep your wholesale buyers coming back to buy ore deals from you. Follow this to a T!

Podcast Episode 8: When To Assign & When To Double Close Wholesale Deals

We’ve talked about the 2 ways to wholesale Real Estate. The assignment and the double close. Successful Real Estate Investors use both of these strategies on all their wholesale deals. You can use both strategies but NOT on all deals to maximize your profits! In this episode John and Jeff will dive deep into which strategy to use on each deal and why so you can maximize your wholesale profits.

[Bonus Episode] John Cochran Insider: The Nasty Debt, The Struggles & Now The Systems

On today’s episode #7 Jeff Watson interviews John Cochran and asks him some VERY uncomfortable questions on his journey as a Real Estate Investor. This is the untold story behind John Cochran going from 600K in bad debt to a multi-millionaire Real Estate Investor

Podcast Episode 6: Jeff Watson Behind Closed Doors At ARELLO (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of Jeff Watson behind the closed doors at an ARELLO (Association of Real Estate License Law Officials) conference. In part 1 we shared with you why investigators are looking so hard at Real Estate Investors right now. In part 2 Jeff is back to talk about what ARELLO has to think about wholesaling and especially the assignment of a wholesale deal. Buckle up for this episode as it’s pure GOLD to you as a Real Estate Investor!

Podcast Episode 5: Jeff Watson Behind Closed Doors At ARELLO (Part 1)

In this episode of The Real Estate Investing Playbook attorney Jeff Watson is going to take you behind closed doors at an ARELLO (Association of Real Estate License Law Officials) conference. He will explain to you what investigators are looking very hard at Real Estate Investors for right now. This content is GOLD to you and will give you insights on information that the public has no clue about. This episode is so good that we had to do record it in 2 parts. Enjoy Part 1 of behind closed doors at ARELLO

Podcast Episode 4: The 2 Different Ways To Wholesale Real Estate

Real Estate Wholesaling is such a GREAT business but unfortunately many investors have been taught it flat out WRONG and it can even be a felony in your state if you wholesale the wrong way. This episode goes into deep detail on the 2 different ways to wholesale real estate and most importantly how to do it the legal and profitable way

Podcast Episode 3: Overcoming Being A Broke Real Estate Investor

No matter what level of a Real Estate Investor you are right now, you’ve probably been sucked into the high dollar seminars, overpriced coaching programs and have most likely spent too much money on education with little to show. Real Estate Investors in this boat need to listen to this episode over and over again to go from “Learn Mode” to “DEAL MODE”

Podcast Episode 2: The Real Estate Investors Playbook

Do you have a deal or a dud? Many Real Estate Investors will fall in love with the potential of a deal and how much money they can make only to do the deal and be disappointed at the actual results. This episode John and Jeff dive deep into a deal and all the different ways you can or can not do the deal.

Podcast Episode 1: How This Podcast Will Make You A Real Estate Machine

Welcome to The Real Estate Investing Podcast. In this episode Investor John Cochran and Attorney Jeff Watson will start building process for the foundation to your success as a new or established Real Estate Investor. Nothing is held back in this podcast and it’s the true guide to a perfect Real Estate Investing playbook to win big and often.