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$5,096 Profit!

Ben made a $5,000 profit by nabbing a motivated seller using bandit signs!

Ben H.

-Anderson, SC

My partner Kala and I received a call from a seller name Jerry who was highly motivated to sell his property. Jerry called off one of our bandit signs. The house originally belonged to his parents which they built it. Jerry and his brother Michael inherited the property after their parents passing. They had rented the property for 4 years on a lease to own but the tenant in place fell behind on payments. They eventually evicted the tenant and listed the property for sale with a realtor a year prior to contacting us and had no success getting it sold. Jerry told us over the phone he'll accept 16k for the property. We met with Jerry and Michael to view the property and offered them $12,000, they accepted. We marketed the property on postlets and craigslist for 19k and a week later received a phone call from a realtor who said she said had a client who was interested and asked if we would be willing to pay her commission. We responded "HELL FREAKING YEAH" ...just kidding; but we said sure. We gave her the lockbox code and later on that day she called back and said her client's offer is $17,000. We accepted, assigned our contract and closed 1 week later. After paying her commission we walked away with $4,490.